My brother... Nikhil

Yoda Press publishes the screenplay of the unusual Indian movie, My Brother Nikhil by Onir Anirban.

Set between 1989 and 1994, the film traces the life of Nikhil Kapoor: the state all-round swimming champion. A committed sportsman, Nikhil’s life changes radically when he finds out that he is HIV-positive. Even as he faces harassment from authorities and heartbreaking rejection from his parents, the only two people who stand by him in his fight for justice, life, love and dignity are his sister Anamika and his boyfriend Nigel. Published for the first time, the screenplay of this powerful yet poignant film, brings Nikhil’s story back for its fans with the same intensity as the motion picture. The text of the film is supported by behind-the-scenes visuals and stills from the film, as well as testimonials from the cast and crew about how this film changed them in small but critical ways.

In our Film and Gender sections, in paperback, 136 pages, Rs 350. ISBN: 9789380403014