Yours Disobediently

"Lakshmi Chand Jain (1925-2010) was a child of India's first freedom movement. He spent much of his life as an impassioned crusader of what Gandhi called the second freedom struggle, for a just and equitable India. In Civil Disobedience, he tells the riveting story of the personal influences and experiences that shaped his beliefs.

Told mostly through Jain's vivid memory, the book is based on a series of interviews by the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library as part of their video/oral history project, and by his son Sreenivasan Jain, the journalist. These interviews have been shaped into a narrative that describes the making of a gentle revolutionary. A luminous guide to all those engaged in a struggle for India's second freedom."

From The Book Review Literary Trust, Rs 395 in hardcover, ISBN: 9788188434053