Upward and Outwards..

Sunil Kothari, briefly a colleague at the JNU many moons ago, is a leading dance historian of Indian classical dance. Bookwise, the sumptuous art bookstore in Shapur Jat is organizing an evening around one of his books, New Directions In Indian dance from Marg.

Published in 2003, in the book Kothari approaches the questions Is there no Modern Dance in India? Don't Indian dancers choreograph in the contemporary idiom? Does Indian dance only depict stories of gods and the goddesses or Indian mythology? Are there no innovations taking plae in Indian dance? Do dancers not depict contemporary issues? Is there a new kinetic language of Indian dance?

The answer is yes!

Indian dance does find contemporary expression as well - one could term it Modern Indian Dance. Not as an imitation of a term from the West, but indigenous and essentially Indian. In New Directions in Indian Dance, dancers, choreographers, and critics document the new directions Indian dance is taking in finding contemporary expression. Their contributions cover a wide range of topics which mirror the new directions Indian dance is taking - not one but many, enhancing the volume's documentary value. The tradition of abstraction is explored, as are the martial arts and other dance traditions employed by dancers to express their concerns and urges to create and experiment with contemporary themes. Issues of inter-culturalism and modernism are discussed. Illustrated generousy with images by photographers of international repute, the book reveals the mystique of the new Indian dance.

In our Performing Arts section, Rs 2250, 204 pages. ISBN: 9788185026626