Nearer to thee...

Rupantar, a small publisher based in Bhubaneswar has just brought out a collection of short stoies by women from Orissa.

One Step towards the Sun is a comprehensive selection of short stories by women from Orissa, originally published in the middle of the twentieth century to the present day. Harrowing incidents of poverty, mental instability, religious intolerance, crime and injustice are detailed here, as are explorations of loving yet nonetheless problematic relationships, the possibilities available for personal fulfillment and an independent life, the difficulties of growing old, environmental concerns and so many other matters relevant to all of us - male or female, young or old, Indian or non-Indian. While depicting women's gendered experiences, these stories also shed light on the shifting dynamics of Orissan history and culture. Together, they reaffirm old and established facts, but also explore the contours of new realities. The authors employ varied structural devices and their apparently straightforward narratives often lead up to to startling moments of revelation.

In our Indian Literature in Translation section, Rs 295. ISBN: 9788190672917