The changing Climate...

It is a commonplace that most of us generally fail to comprehend the enormous scale, power, and complexity of the atmosphere. With the effects of global climate change becoming increasingly apparent, an understanding of the processes that underpin our weather and climate is vital.

Offering an engaging and insightful treatment of the behavior of the lower atmosphere, Fundamentals of Weather and Climate takes a quantitative approach to describing the mechanisms involved. Beginning with an overview of the atmosphere and its components, it intro
duces the physics that drive weather systems before setting those principles in the context of specific systems of differing scales and latitudes. Finally, the text draws this information together in relation to the problem of anthropogenic climate change.

Fundamentals of Weather and Climate is enhanced by extensive pedagogical features including end-of-chapter questions, key points, and custom-drawn illustrations that enable students to more easily visualize the processes and interactions described.

From OUP, in our Environmental Studies section, Rs 1295, ISBN: 9780199215423

A related title, reviewed recently in the journal Current Science is Climate Change and Chemicals: Environmental & Biological Aspects from New India Publishers. Coauthored by a group of academics based in Australia and Bangladesh, Golam Kibria, A. K. Yousuf Haroon, Dayanthi Nugegoda and Gavin Rose, this book addresses the two key environmental issues : climate change and chemical impacts on human health, environment and agricultural production with reference to chemistry, Ecotoxicology, toxicology, and biology. The book reviewed and summarised research results and information from both developed and developing countries including Asia-Pacific, Australasia and other parts of the world.

Also in our Environmental studies section, Rs 3600, ISBN: 9789380235301