A Musical Atlas of India

On the 23rd of this month OUP (India) had the release, in Chennai, of the Oxford Encyclopaedia of the Music of India.

A three volume compendium that extends to 1800 or so pages, this is a comprehensive survey of 2000 years of music, covering classical, folk, film, and other forms of music from across India and neighbouring countries, with 5000 in-depth entries on all forms of music, dance, raga, tala, gharana, treatises, technical terms, and instruments, with about 100 acclaimed contributors who have written short biographies of vocalists, musicologists, saint poets, gurus, composers, and instrumentalists, and which includes 200 rare photographs from private collections and family albums.

The volume spans all regions of India: from Assam, Meghalaya, and Manipur to Gujarat, and from Kashmir to Kerala. The music of the subcontinent, including Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka also finds a place.

The book is a result of a vast collaborative effort spanning 12 years and supported by an extended group of around 250 musicians, musicologists, scholars, and teachers of music from India and the world, the Encyclopaedia includes more than 200 photographs from family albums and private collections as well as line drawings of rare instruments. The text and visuals blend to extend our understanding of the many modes and moods of the music of India.

The Sangit Mahabharati is one of India’s premier music academies, established in 1956 in Mumbai by internationally renowned tabla maestro and guru Padma Bhushan Late Pandit Nikhil Ghosh. They enjoy recognition and support from the State and Central governments, the Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi, and the Mumbai Municipal Corporation besides other charitable trust organizations. This first-of-its-kind Encyclopaedia will be indispensable for practicing musicians and students and teachers of Indian music in all its forms.

In our Culture, Music and Ethnomusicology sections, on our brand new site, Rs 9950, in three volumes in a boxed set. ISBN: 9780195650983