More Tales Tamils Tell

Orient Blackswan have a new book out on the South Indian oral tradition, translated by Sujatha Vijayaraghavan. Hundred Tamil Folk and Tribal Tales "beacons a serious engagement in Indic studies. It locates this body of work at the interface between folklore, anthropology, sociology and public culture of a by-gone era. This handy collection provides an easy access to the cultural registers and linguistic mores of a tribal/folk population at a crucial juncture of colonial modernity. Furthermore, she translates not merely the tales as she finds them in the Tamil original (naatupura kathai kalanjiyam), but distinguishes and recognises the tribal tale, otherwise unnoticed in a proverbial ocean of Indian folklore. As a vibrant vein of wit and wisdom in Dravidian lives and traditions, the tribal-tale receives the first-ever straight look in these pages."

In our Folklore section, 324 pages in paperback, Rs 295, ISBN 9788125039204