An initiative of great significance by the cutting edge publishing house Navayana is the forthcoming publication of four collections of poetry. Waking is Another Dream is a set of poems on the genocide in Eelam by Canada-based poet Cheran along with Jayapalan, Yesurasa, Latha and Ravikumar. At the launch in Delhi on the 8th of December, the poets Anamika, Mangalesh Dabral and K Satchidanandan will speak.

What happened between 8 and 18 May, 2009 in Eelam? There is no one to tell the stories, but here is the poetry that emerged from the "wounded land-mass" where "no bird is able to fly", where people "ate death". The poets lament the loss of their land, their language and their identity.

N D Rajkumar, born into a traditional shaman community in a border town between Kerala and Tamil Nadu, cracks open a world that offers the modern reader stunning glimpses into a magic-drenched, living dalit history. His Tamil poems have been rendered in English by Anushiya Ramaswamy in the collection Give Us This Day A Feast of Flesh.

The title of Meena Kandasamy's collection of poems evokes the Sri Lankan Tamil rapper M. I. A.... Ms Militancy stands myths on their heads in highly experimental poems, which critic and poet K. Satchidanandan says, “shock and sting the readers until they are provoked into rethinking the ‘time-honoured’ traditions and entrenched hierarchies at work in contemporary society”.

Finally, there’s a re-issue of Namdeo Dhasal’s high-voltage, bruising poetry. First published in 2007 as a hardback edition, the paperback is titled A Current of Blood.

All these printed on earthy brown craft paper and priced between Rs 150 and Rs 180. All titles can be ordered online from the Scholars without Borders store.