The Scholars Cull Fest, Mark 3

The Scholars without Borders Annual Cull Fest 2010 will take place at Venkateshwara College on Saturday 27 November!

The Scholars Cull-Fest is a day to clear out your shelves... to make space for new books!

All of us buy books. Many books... But once they are read, most often they sit on bookshelves and are rarely re-read. We'd like to request you to share. If you know that there is a book on your shelves that you are simply not going to read again and don't otherwise value, give it to someone who would read and value it.

For the last few years, Scholars without Borders has organised an informal "Cull-Fest", where we give away the books that people donate to us.

This year's Fest is on the 27th November at Venkateshwara College, New Delhi. Scholars without Borders will give away about 300 books in all subjects. If you like please send us the books you would like to donate. And if you want to come see what others have given, come to Venky on Saturday the 27th at 1 pm.

The Cull Fest is being organized outside the auditorium where the DYNAMICS DAYS DELHI Meeting is taking place in the Physics Department.

You're welcome to pick up what you want (limit of 2 books per person for the free books and magazines) and there will also be some books on sale.

Get in touch with Himanshu: himanshu.nagpal@

A partial list of the available books is on this link:

Come by on Saturday! You never know what you might find...

You never know ...