Another Mumbai

On behalf of The Asiatic Society of Mumbai, Bibliophile South Asia have brought out the book Revisioning Mumbai: Conceiving a Manifesto for Sustainable Development edited by Vimal Shah & Pankaj Joshi. The proceedings of a conference held by the Asiatic Society to mark 200 years of their existence, this volume has articles by Arjun Appadurai, Arun Tikekar, Neera Adarkar, Ashok D. Ranade and others, and includes a history of the Society.

From ‘Heptanesia’ as the Greek called the Island City, to Mumbai, the city has had multi-faceted history and culture of over 500 years and in the process has woven the saga of transformation from a fishing island to the present ever pulsating mega city. Mumbai’s unique institution of scholarship and learning in the city The Asiatic Society of Mumbai completed 200 years of its useful existence.

Bombay’s Town Hall in the 19th century was the centre for all intellectual, social, political and cultural activities and the Asiatic Society became an important eye witness to all these activities. In fact, the growth of Bombay and the growth of the Asiatic Society are so intertwined that neither can be considered in isolation. The Society has always been, in addition, an interface to discuss and involve in public participation in the civic issues.

The Asiatic Society through the conference on Mumbai in its bicentennial year aims at re-introducing Mumbai through its socio-economic patterns and changes with primary focus on tangible and intangible heritage with special attention to the issue of urban conservation as the catalyst for re-ordering the city. This book is a compilation of papers presented at the conference towards regeneration of the urban fabric, physical and metaphysical, with a vision statement for readers to ponder and muse, so that a collective vision would lead to sustainable development of Mumbai.

In Hardcover in our Urban Studies section, 258 pages, Rs 750 ISBN: 9789380188058