Gendered Cinema

Fareed Kazmi, professor of Political Science at the University of Allahabad, has long been associated with the study of Indian cinema and its changing facets over the years. Rupa & Co. have recently brought out his new book, Sex in Cinema: A History of female sexuality in Hindi film.

From tragedy queen Meena Kumari to the haughty mother-in-law Lalita Pawar, women characters have been known for particular traits in Bollywood movies. This book is a history of female sexuality and its portrayal in Indian Films. Exploring womanhood off the screen, it is a brave, forthright and well-researched book that analyses, and puts into perspective, the portrayal of women in Hindi films.

An objective representation of women on celluloid through the generations, from the early films like Pyaasa to the more contemporary, Salaam Namaste. The book takes up Indian cinema, decade after decade and proceeds to delineate the portrayal of Indian women in cinema.

In our Film studies and Gender sections, in paperback, 376 pages, Rs 395. ISBN: 9788129116215