Building bridges

Setu Prakashani, a small publishing house in Kolkata, has just brought out a book of essays by Amit Bhaduri, distinguished economist and one time colleague at JNU, Critical essays in the Dynamics of Capitalism as part of their series, Macroeconomic Theory and Policy.

In it Bhaduri offers an intensely insightful discourse on the crisis of capitalist economy desperately struggling to find an escape route in the maze of neo-imperialism and globalization. In the present context of global economic recession, this endeavour becomes even more pertinent as it examines the crisis of the capitalist economy in general and Keynsian economics in particular the macroeconomic implications in the Indian context have made the compilation of these sixteen essays more significant for the readers. The volume will cater to the needs of the undergraduate and postgraduate students and scholars looking for a more realistic approach to the macroeconomic theory. Amit Bhaduri, one of the country's leading economic theoreticians, is known for his lucid but bold formulations and this work will surely fascinate critics as well as any general reader interested in the politics of economic policy formulations.

ISBN: 9788190327220