Annabhau Sathe

Annabhau Sathe was born on 1st August 1920 into the Mang Dalit community in Maharashtra, in a village called Wategaon in Satara District. Annabhau was not born into an existing tradition of knowledge; neither did the state provide him with one. His work with the communist movement and the critical perspectives on his life as a Dalit informed his prolific thinking and writing. Seven films have been adapted from his works. Of Annabhau's work, 32 novels, four plays, a travelogue, 12 farcical pieces, 13 collections of short stories and 11 povadas have been published in Marathi.

Milind Awad's Life And Work Of Annabhau Sathe: A Marxist-Ambedkarite Mosaic published by Gaur Publishers in New Delhi this year details the life of this important social reformer of modern India.

98 pages in hardcover, Rs 250. ISBN: 9788189441111