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Somebody is having a good laugh somewhere... The mess that Delhi is in, thanks to the preparations for the Commonwealth Games- corruption apart- make a mockery of urban planning, governance, and the development of infrastructure. And other cities in India are not much better, really.

Four professors at the Indian Institute of Management, G Ramesh, V P Nagadevara, G Naik and A B Suraj have edited a collection of essays on Urban Infrastructure and Governance for Routledge, India.

The book contains a selection of papers presented at the Third International Conference on Public Policy and Management held in 2008 at IIM Bangalore, on Urban Governance in its multiple perspectives. The papers are grouped into sub themes of Urban Growth and Plan, Governance through Partnership and Participation, and Financing Urban Infrastructure. These papers are written in the context of providing for urban growth and infrastructure through better governance and financial reforms. With several cases from developing nations, the book dwells into policy as well as implementation, and the governance of the same in terms of institutional processes, partnerships and participation, and financial reforms. It brings in fresh insights on partnerships and participation in relation to governance. One of the highlights of the book is that it looks at financial mobilization and reform as a strategy for governance and how these itself can be an instrument of governance.

In our Urban Studies section, 329 pages in paperback, Rs 795. ISBN: 9780415596213