Full Marx

Leftword will, in October 2010, bring out a complete set of Marx' Capital, all three volumes in beautifully bound hardcover (see Volume 1's cover on the right) in a boxed set. And for those with more capital, an exclusive limited edition of 25 sets only, elegantly bound in leather.

Volume I is A Critical Analysis of Capitalist Production, translated from the third German edition by Samuel Moore and Edward Aveling and edited by Frederick Engels.

Volume II is A Critique of Political Economy: The Process of Circulation of Capital edited by Frederick Engels, and Volume III is A Critique of Political Economy: The Process of Capitalist Production as a Whole also edited by Frederick Engels.

A related forthcoming title from Leftword is Marx's Capital: An Introductory Reader, with essays by Venkatesh Athreya, Vijay Prashad, Jayati Ghosh, R. Ramakumar, and Prabhat Patnaik.

The three volume set is priced at Rs. 2000/$60(per set), shipping extra. The individual volumes are not sold separately, although if you write directly to Leftword, there is a discounted price until end November.

Vol. 1 is 768 pages, ISBN: 9788187496953, Vol. 2 is 564 pages, ISBN: 9788187496960, and Vol. 3 is 960 pages, ISBN: 9788187496977.