Faith and Belief

In MARGINS OF FAITH: Dalit and Tribal Christianity in India, Rowena Robinson and Joseph Kujur bring together a number of sociologists who documents the ethnographies of regionally distinct Dalit and tribal Christian communities, raising new arguments pertaining to the autonomy and distinct identity of these communities, often in adverse social set-ups.

Stressing upon the plurality of identities, the essays reject the idea of determining these exclusively on the basis of religion. They also chart the multiple levels of marginality experienced by both Dalit and tribal Christians and analyze how these groups negotiate their former religious faith and practices with Christianity.

The book is a response to the urgent need for such studies in social science writings brought to the fore by contemporary political challenges/struggles facing these communities in various parts of India.

From SAGE, in our Tribal Studies section. Hardback, 320 pages, Rs 695. ISBN 9788132104674

Dalit Theology in the Twenty First Century edited by Sathianathan Clarke, Deenabandhu Manchala, Philip Vinod Peacock marks the beginning of a new Dalit self-understanding and a new appreciation for the changed landscape of the twenty-first century where the agency of Dalits in the area of theology has exploded the monopoly of caste interpretations in a significant manner. This volume addresses how despite its proud entry into the post-colonial, politically democratic twenty-first century world, India continues to straddle the structural inequalities and functional hierarchies based on its age-old caste system. It also looks at various Dalit, women, tribal, and other subaltern movements that struggle against insidious forms of caste-, class-, ethnicity- and religion-based violence and violation. A unique combination of Dalit theology with Dalit feminism and feminist theology, this book brings together the key directions and interests that Dalit Theology has taken in the new century.

From OUP, Hardback 320 pages, Rs 745. ISBN: 9780198066910