]osé Pereira, Professor Emeritus of Theology of Fordham University where he lectured on History of Religions is an authority on Goan andKonkani culture, language, literature and music. With Michael Martins (1914-1999) Goa’s outstanding composer of classical music and António da Costa, priest, psychotherapist, and musician, Pereira has brought out Song of Goa: Crown of Mandos that is copublished by Goa 1556 and Broadway Publishing House.

The book contains the score and lyrics of a number of traditional Goan mandos, together with an overview explaining the context (history, politics, etc) of Goa. There are lists of various forms of Goan song. It is a must-read for anyone interested in a deeper understanding of Goa, Goan song and the forces that shaped both.

Being released in Goa this Friday, 30 July.