The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

What can one say ... the subtitle of a new book out from Sage, Political Economy of Communications in India is the title of this post. Quite by coincidence- since it happens I am in Australia this week- the author, Pradip Ninan Thomas, is at the University of Queensland in Brisbane.

This book is a critical study of the political economy of communications in India. It explores the ways in which contexts, structures, policies and processes at national and international levels shape media structures and explores how a political economy-inspired approach can be used to understand both media dominance and resistance. It deals with a variety of issues that are key to understanding the political economy of communication—from intellectual property to audio-visual trade and media ownership, liberalisation, privatisation, and media politics.

In our Economics and Media sections, Rs 650, in hardcover, 296 pages. ISBN 9788132104490