Everything you wanted to know...

But didn't know whom to ask... about the Bharatiya Janata Party, the BJP, can now be found in a 10 volume set of books, BHARATIYA JANTA PARTY (1980-2005) COMPLETE DOCUMENTS. Each of the volumes costs Rs 500, and the contents are described below:

Vol. 1 : Election Manifestoes
Vol. 2: Presidential Speeches: Part-I
Vol. 3: Presidential Speeches: Part-II
Vol. 4: Policy Document
Vol. 5: Political Resolutions
Vol. 6: Economic Resolutions
Vol. 7: Other Resolutions
Vol. 8: Cultural Nationalism
Vol. 9: Achievements & Looking Ahead
Vol. 10: Evolution of BJP

The hindi version comes in 7 volumes, also at Rs 500 per volume.

Going back a bit more, the history of the Jan Sangh, more properly the BHARATIYA JANA SANGH (1952-1980) is available in a 6 volume set priced at Rs. 2350, and contains

Vol. 1 : Policies and Manifestoes
Vol. 2 : Economic Resolutions
Vol. 3 : Defence and External Affairs
Vol. 4: Internal Affairs
Vol. 5 : Education and Party Affairs
Vol. 6 : History of Jana Sangh

The Hindi version is for Rs.1850.

Of course, if you really want it all, for Rs 4000 there is the PICTORIAL HISTORY OF BJP in English and Hindi.