Losing the battle, losing the war

This book tells the story of why the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) lost the war that they had always dreamt of winning in Sri Lanka. It is a collection of news stories and commentaries penned by the author from 2003 to 2009 on the ethnic conflict in the country. Each piece is provided with an introduction that places it in the context in which it was written. The unfolding of the drama is brought about through conversations with Sri Lankan leaders, Tamil activists, Indian officials, Norwegian and other diplomats, human rights activists, former LTTE guerrillas and civilians.

The Tiger Vanquished: LTTE's Story provides a detailed account of the critical years when Sri Lanka's internationally backed peace process slowly led to a vicious war that the LTTE decisively lost. The introduction provides previously unpublished information, including India's covert involvement in the Norwegian-sponsored peace process and the silent war that the Indian intelligence waged against the LTTTE.

The book, from Sage, has been written by M R NARAYAN SWAMY of the Indo-Asian News Service, New Delhi.

In our Strategic Affairs section, in paperback. Rs 325. ISBN: 9788132104599