Green Asia

Economic and Environmental Sustainability of the Asian Region by Sucha Singh Gill, Lakhwinder Singh and Reena Marwah is a new title from Routledge, India.

The ongoing debate on carbon emission-mitigating strategies for reducing the impact of development on the environment has undermined the principle of equity and put a question-mark on the sustainability of the development process of some of the most dynamic Asian economies. This book focuses on core themes and issues related to the sustainability of Asia’s economic development in the context of policy initiatives to alleviate environmental damage. The articles in this volume contribute to our understanding of the dynamics of the Asian economic development process under the shadow of the inequitable global economic order and the international environmental policy regime, exploring the link between well-being, economic development and environmental concerns. Based on distinctive quantitative data and a rigorous analytical framework, the articles provide rich material for scholars working in the areas of development economics and environmental concern.
In hardcover, 487 pages. Rs 895, ISBN: 978041581448