We, the little people

A family that writes... and how! Leila Seth, mother of Vikram, and a distinguished writer in her own right (On Balance, her autobiography was remarkable for what it did not hesitate to say) has a new book out from Puffin.

In We, the children of India: the preamble to our constitution, former Chief Justice Leila Seth makes the words of the Preamble to the Constitution understandable to even the youngest reader. What is a democratic republic, why are we secular, what is sovereignty? Believing that it is never too early for young people to learn about the Constitution, she tackles these concepts and explains them in a manner everyone can grasp and enjoy. Accompanied by numerous photographs, captivating and inspiring illustrations by acclaimed illustrator Bindia Thapar, and delightful bits of trivia, We, the Children of India is essential reading for every young citizen.

And, it must be said, the older citizen might find this telling and retelling instructive and insightful.

 Rs 150, 40 pages in hardcover, pages. ISBN:9780143331513