The setting sun

The erstwhile Chief Minister of Punjab and Congress leader, Amarinder Singh's book “The Last Sunset: Rise and Fall of the Lahore Durbar” is on Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

A review of the book by V N Datta in The Tribune is very generous to the author who is hardly a professional historian: "With his insights and sensitivity, Amarinder Singh has presented a masterly survey of one of the gloomiest and most traumatic periods in Indian history. His analysis of war operations is clear, bold and cogent; and his narrative is concise and lucid, free from jargon. Indeed, an admirable study from a non-professional historian!"
Politicians, by the nature of their profession, often have time on their hands, and Amarinder Singh has used his time out of office well. Amarinder Singh is not a professional historian, nor is he trained in the austerities of historical discipline which does not in any case disqualify him to produce a historical work. Some of the finest and most learned historical works have been written by non-professional historians. [...] Singh is an established author of two military studies: Lest We Forget, The History of Indian Army (1947-65) and on Ridge too Far in the Kargil Heights (1999).
In hardcover, 347 pages, Rs 695. ISBN 9788174367792