Making Integrity Cool

One of the true heroes of modern India is Mr E Sreedharan. Anyone who has experienced the Metro in Delhi will swear to it- this simply could not have happened with any other person!

How does he do it? Interviews in the papers or the popular press make him seem curiously old fashioned, even as he takes Delhi really into the future, improving infrastructure and transportation in a significant manner. Sage, New Delhi have a new book out where he describes some of what he practices.

Restoring Values: Keys to Integrity, Ethical Behaviour and Good Governance
, edited by E SreedharanManaging Director, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation and Bharat Wakhlu of the Tata Group. The book is the outcome of an effort of the little known Foundation for Restoration of National Values which is based in New Delhi, and which has support from the Tatas as well as other organizations. Set up in 2008, the FRNV aims to "restore our time-tested National and Cultural Values, so that people, individually as well as collectively, find an abiding inner persuasion to be truthful, ethical, patriotic and committed to wholesome development, in their aspirations and goals."

The book has a number of well known contributors who have written on diverse topics of relevance to the basic ideals of the FRNV. This volume is a wake-up call to Indians to shape their country as an ethical nation. The articles in the compilation have been written by some of the most eminent thinkers and leaders of India in various fields who are known for their commitment to living and working with integrity. It addresses the reasons for the absence of honest, ethical and transparent dealings in all sections of the society, including legislative, executive and judicial branches of the government.

The articles present a credible and practical set of ideas and approaches to raise standards of integrity, ethical behaviour and governance in the institutions of our country.

In our Governance and Philosophy sections, in hardcover, Rs 395, 228 pages. ISBN: 9788132104759