Yule Log

Paul Alan Yule is an archaeologist at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, Heidelberg. He studied at the New York University Marburg University, with a main focus on the archaeology of India, Oman and the Yemen.

In the 1990s he catalogued and evaluated metallic artefacts of the so-called "Copper Hoard Culture" by means of European methods for the first time, whereby numerous finds came to light in the Kanya Gurukul in Narela/Haryana. These numerous copper artefacts appear to be non-functional objects, probably used in ritual functions. A find from a cemetery in Sankarjang may be the earliest musical instrument in India.

From 2001-2004 in India, Yule documented ancient forts and other archaeological sites for the first time, especially in Orissa and Chhattisgarh. Using a laser scanner, ground penetrating radar, and a GPS receiver, he studied the early historic fortress at Sisupalgarh...

One result of this work was the monograph, Early Historic Sites in Orissa, published in 2006 by Pragun Publications, New Delhi.

"While art historians have long extolled the intellectual and artistic achievement of the medieval temple art of Orissa, quantitatively and qualitatively its archaeology trails behind that of most of South Asia. Until recently, archaeology has remained a matter essentially of local interest. Characteristic of the archaeology of Orissa are gaping informational voids held together by notions of a linear development of artefacts within and between periods.

Despite rare informational stepping stones, archaeologically early historic western Orissa and the adjacent Chhattisgarh region are best described as archaeological terra incognita. Spread over an enormous surface (156,000 sq km, i. e. a little less than half as large as present-day Germany) few prehistoric and early historic are proven or documented in Orissa. The present study documents new survey and excavation on the early history of Orissa, from the iron age up to roughly the Gupta age, and attempts to close or articulate some the research lacunae."

In our Archaeology section, in hardcover, 58 pages. Rs 750. ISBN: 9788189645441