A new addition to our Public Health list from Routledge, Health Providers in India: On the Frontiers of Change by Kabir Sheikh and Asha George “brings together contributions featuring research, comment and analysis on health care providers — doctors, nurses, public health workers, counsellors, traditional practitioners and home care providers. The ideas and themes that emerge contribute to the understanding of providers’ roles as actors in the health systems and societies of contemporary India, and re-examine preconceptions about this critical occupational group.

Different groups of health providers face struggles at diverse frontiers — social, professional and systemic; for instance, in reforming health systems, government health workers must constantly negotiate the vagaries of changing working environments and policy vacillations. Formal health systems and structures often reject and exclude the contributions of traditional and home care providers.

Medical doctors, conversely, face challenges of introspection, as they tread the line between personal gain and public service. Contributed by health researchers, practitioners, policy advocates, programme managers and a journalist, each article presents a distinctive view of a particular group of frontline health providers, based on field research or on the authors’ respective experiences of working with or as providers. Four poems by the renowned poet–physician Gieve Patel conclude the volume. Advancing the case for a fuller appreciation of the complex landscape of health care provision in India, the volume locates frontline health providers as central figures in development.”

In our Public Health list, in hardcover, 355 pages, Rs 595. ISBN: 9780415579773