Raziuddin Aquil, Fellow in History at the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences in Calcutta, has edited a new book, part of prestigious "Debates in Indian history and Society" series from OUP, Sufism and Society in Medieval India.

This volume brings together seminal essays on the perennial debate regarding the role of Sufis in Indian history and society. The reader focuses on crucial issues like the Sufis' encounters or interactions in Indian environment, episodic conversion, process of Islamicization, and expansion of Islam in India. The essays provide counterpoints on the major debate about the political intervention of Sufis and their interaction with the rulers and state.

The editor's introduction deals with the debates and the historiography while posing new questions and providing new dimensions to the study of Sufism in India. The selection has essays from very prominent social historians like K. A. Nizami, Aziz Ahmad, S. A. A. Rizvi, Richard M. Eaton, Carl W. Ernst, Yohanan Friedmann, Simon Digby, and Muzaffar Alam.

In our Religion and History sections, in hardcover, 296 pages, Rs 645. ISBN: 9780198064442