A princess explains

Princess Aswathi Tirunal Gouri Lakshmi Bayi is a niece of the last Maharaja of Travancore, Chithira Thirunal Rama Varma. A prolific author, her book Glimpses of Kerala Culture that has been brought out by Konark Publishers, New Delhi was released recently.

Glimpses of Kerala Culture offers an impressive and highly readable introduction to the various art forms of the rich and ancient culture of Kerala. The book gives profound and erudite insights into the four defined purposes of Hindu life, the origins and nature of dance forms of Kerala and its unique martial arts. The book is divided into three parts, dealing with the Dravidian or the Non-Vedic Stream of civilisation, the Vedic or the Aryan Stream, and the Colours of the United Stream.

The book
provides a wealth of information while delineating various art forms and reflecting on a host of cultural aspects. The colours of Kerala come alive in the vibrant mosaic of Indian heritage.
In hardcover, 180 pages. Rs 1000. ISBN: 9788122007793