Photographing History

History in the Making: The visual archives of Kulwant Roy will be released this coming Saturday at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library.

Serendipity has played a major role in the birth of this book, a collaboration between the photographer Aditya Arya and JNU historian Indivar Kamtekar.

This valuable collection of photographs by press photographer Kulwant Roy from the 1930s to 1960s remained forgotten in boxes for over twenty-five years after his death, until their inheritor Aditya Arya, a photographer himself, began cataloguing them.

In the process, he discovered a unique visual archive that included many unpublished pictures from a momentous era in India's history. These included Muslim League meetings, the INA trials, the signing of the Indian Constitution, as well as significant post-Independence milestones such as the building of the Bhakra Nangal Dam.

Enriched by an insightful text, written by historian Indivar Kamtekar, this book is a collector's item for anyone who wishes to discover the multilayered dimensions behind India's 'tryst with destiny'.

In our History and Photography sections, in hardcover, 304 pages, Rs. 4999. ISBN: 9788172238681