Feeding Billions

The Indian Institue of Science, Bangalore, celebrated its centenary this past year, and one of the many ways in which they marked this year was to organize a number of talks and conferences. M S Swaminathan, one of the most visible of our scientists, and a man who has done a great deal to educate the general public about matters agricultural, was one of the distinguished lecturers at the IISc last year. Wisely, the IISc has taken the opportunity to bring out a selection of his papers to mark the occasion.

SCIENCE AND SUSTAINABLE FOOD SECURITY: Selected Papers of M S Swaminathan is published jointly by IISc and World Scientific, Singapore, and will be released in Delhi on the 21st April, by Jairam Ramesh.

This book provides a roadmap for achieving sustainable agricultural advance and food security in an era of climate change and global economic melt-down. The contents include a description of the paradigm shift under the leadership of the author, from a green to an ever-green revolution necessary for advancing productivity in perpetuity without ecological harm.

Science and Sustainable Food Security shows many methods of linking ecological security with livelihood security, and provides a scientific basis for entering an era of biohappiness based on the sustainable and equitable use of biodiversity. Also, methods of adaptation to the impact of global warming are described. This book will prove invaluable to all interested in sustainable human security and happiness.

  • Food Security and Economic Development — How Science is Applied to Solve Problems of Poverty, Drought and Famine
  • Science and Food Security — How Science is Used to Generate Efficient and Optimal Agricultural Outputs
  • Food Security and Ecological Balance — How the Gains of Green Revolution are Impacted by Climate Change, How Science Will be Helpful in Ensuring Sustainable Food Security, Green Revolution to Ever-Green Revolution — A Roadmap

Swaminathan is justly lauded the world over for his efforts to provide the country food security. Kenneth M Quinn, President of the World Food Prize Foundation says “History will record that the last 60 years were the single greatest period of food production and hunger reduction in all human history. Professor M S Swaminathan was, with Dr. Norman Borlaug, at the forefront of the scientific breakthrough achievements that led to the Green Revolution in the Twentieth Century. With his vision for a Doubly Green Revolution, he is leading this effort into the Twentieth-first Century. His selection as the very first World Food Prize Laureate reflected both his intellectual contributions to this process as well as the global leadership he exerted, and continues to exert, in the struggle to ensure global food security. As such, this new volume constitutes an invaluable record of the work of one of the truly great pioneers in the epic endeavor to confront hunger and famine.”

“From his writings and even more through his works, Professor Swaminathan is regarded as a defender and promoter of the struggle against poverty and hunger, in the endeavour to guarantee every human being the basic and fundamental right to a dignified quality of life. He is an example of moral energy, personifying the spirit of brotherhood and social equality in humankind, regardless of race, creed or ethnicity.” Gian Tommaso Scarascia Mugnozza, National Academy of Sciences, Rome, Italy

In our Essays section, in hardcover, 436 pages, US$ 98 (about Rs 4500). ISBN: 9789814282109