The other Bose

Kameshwar Wali, physicist and biographer, famously, of S Chandrasekhar, has edited a volume on Satyendra Nath Bose.

Satyendra Nath Bose — His Life and Times (1894–1974) is on S N Bose, who became a legendary figure of science in the 20th century in India with his revolutionary discovery on the nature of radiation. Despite the association with Einstein, however, little is known about him outside of India. This book highlights the remarkable intellect and the extraordinary personality of Bose set against the backdrop of a rich Bengali cultural tradition and British-Indian politics. Unlike other books covering the significance of Bose's discovery, this book describes his diverse scientific contributions to India's scientific community by bringing together selected articles and addresses by Bose as well as contributions from some well-known scientists on the many-faceted life of Bose, thus making it a truly unique volume.

Bose was brilliant, but a maverick. His early papers, now classics, were followed by a number of lesser contributions that were in diverse areas. Wali has brought together some of these in this volume, papers on Classical Physics Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Statistics, The Ionosphere, on Mathematical Physics, the Lectures on Unified Field Theory as well as some more general contributions, on Science in Education, Higher Education and Us, Man in the Scientific Age, The Mother Tongue, The Krishnan Memorial Lecture, 1971, Education and the New Age, and on Einstein, with whose name Bose's is inextricably linked...

In paperback, 510 pages, Rs.1795, ISBN: 9789812790712