Mad as Hell!

In today's' world, TV and other forms of media are essentially pipelines to the consumer through which brands and products can be sold. As public broadcasting has also succumbed to advertisements, the issue is no longer between private and public broadcasting, but how advertisers assert control over the media. Only higher TRP's bring in advertisement revenue and this is the be all and end all of TV as a media. It is driven by the objective of maximisation of ad revenues rather than providing a serious view of society.

Thats enough to bring out the Howard Beale in all of us.... "We're as mad as hell, and we're not going to take this anymore!"

And so,, who bring an alternate perspective to that of the corporate media that dominates the world today. This is possible as it is based on voluntary efforts and contributions of readers and our well wishers who want to see an independent voice on matters that affect them. It will address the key issues in today's world -- issues from the point of view of the poor, the working class, the farmers -- all of which are virtually missing from the coverage of the corporate media.

Run by a collective that includes Prabir Purkayastha, D.Raghunandan, Aijaz Ahmad, Amit Sengupta, and Srinivasan Ramani, Newsclick brings you timely features that give an alternate analysis of the news behind the news. Jayati Ghosh on Greece. Satyajit Rath on Bt Brinjal. R Ramachandran on the Nuclear deal... and so on.

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