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Saurabh Dube is Professor of History, Center for Asian and African Studies, El Colegio de México, Mexico.

Yoda Press bring out his new book After Conversion Cultural histories of Modern India that imaginatively addresses issues of modernity and its margins, based upon an interplay between a variety of Western and non-Western perspectives. Saurabh Dube critically considers questions of conversion by examining colonial writings of a vernacular Christianity and by tracking the transformations of caste and sect in South Asia. He provides personal portraits of his anthropologist father as well as of an important visual artist in order to convey the dense sensuousness and moving contradictions of everyday worlds. Together, Dube incisively explores the mutual intersections between culture and power and the past and the present, while prudently unravelling the ways in which academic categories and social worlds come together yet fall apart.

Ann Gold, Professor of religion at Syracuse University says that Dube’s has been an extraordinarily articulate voice providing distinctive perspectives on a wide range of subjects in modern Indian history for over two decades. After Conversion offers diversely focused but conceptually integrated and characteristically ambitious essays.

And Ajay Skaria of the University of Minnesota: Dube’s writings have always been characterized by a stylish verve and the ability to approach old issues in interesting and intriguing ways, and that is again the case here.… By decentering the conventional privileging of the moment of conversion, Dube provides a very differently nuanced understanding of conversion….This is going to be a book that will be valuable to scholars across disciplines because of the patience, theoretical rigour, and empirical wealth with which it pursues its questions.

In our Essays and Nonfiction section, 232 pages in paperback, Rs 325. ISBN:9788190618663