Like its name says

Enjoyable Physics Vol. 1 by Neil Chatterjee is indeed enjoyable. A large format book targeted towards the beginning undergraduate, this is the first in a series of four books of the same name. Vol 1 deals with Newtonian Mechanics, and as I read through it, I began to see what the author intends to convey.

Simply put, most books on physics for undergraduates tend to be dull. Either written in a matter of fact manner, or in a "learn this or else" manner, they seem forbidding- with rare exceptions. In any case, most texts written in India cannot claim to be an enjoyable read no matter what their titles are...

Neil Chatterjee is a lapsed Chemical Engineer, having paid his dues at IIT Kharagpur, but then having meandered into JEE coaching schools. That stint has resulted in his being an excellent teacher of physics- which he confesses was his true love in any case- and this book (and its successors, all published by Macmillan, India) is the result.

Mr Chatterjee has an easy style, and he writes engagingly on matters that are conceptually difficult. I particularly enjoyed the manner in which he introduces concepts and problems- interspersing text with Brain Teasers, Funnybone ticklers, and Nutcrackers, all of which do aid in firming up the conceptual foundations.

Business interests dictate that the book is advertised as being useful for all sorts of entrance examinations- the JEE being the most obvious. Indeed, the blurb reads Enjoyable Physics, Volume 1 is the first part of a four-part series. The book deals with the fundamentals of Newtonian Mechanics, as it is taught at +2 level and first-year undergraduate level in Indian schools and colleges. These are the most decisive years in a student's career because they appear in IITJEE, AIEEE and a host of other All India Entrance examinations in Science, Engineering and Medical streams during this period.

The utility of this book goes well beyond that... Read it and you may actually enjoy Newtonian mechanics. Study from it, and you may understand mechanics better!

In paperback, 866 pages, Rs 525, ISBN: 9780230639034