Its all in your Genes X

Lewin’s GENES is the definitive pedagogical guide to molecular biology and molecular genetics, gene structure, and gene sequencing, organization, and gene expression.

"The fields of molecular biology and molecular genetics are rapidly changing with new data acquired daily and new insights into well-studied processes presented on a scale of weeks or months rather than years.

The latest edition of GENES, with a knowledgeable new author team, has enlisted 21 subject-matter experts from top institutions to provide revisions and content updates in their individual fields of expertise, ensuring that Lewin’s GENES X is the most current and comprehensive text in the field. Informative new chapters, as well as a reorganization of material, provide a more logical flow of topics and many chapters have been renamed to better indicate their contents. Lewin’s GENES X also contains new pedagogical features to help students learn as they read and an online student study guide allows students to test themselves on key material.

A new chapter, Methods in Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering, provides an introduction to the concepts and practice of laboratory techniques in molecular biology early on in the text. • Another new chapter on Genome Evolution, combines, expands, and updates material that had been spread among various chapters in previous editions, and introduces a number of new topics. The chapter on mRNA Stability and Localization was entirely rewritten and updated to cover more advanced topics, the chapter on Regulatory RNA and micro RNA, was dramatically expanded to include material on RNAi pathways. Many new figures reflect new developments in the field, particularly in the topics of chromatin structure and function, epigenetics, and regulation by noncoding and microRNAs in eukaryotes.

From Jones and Bartlett, India. Lewin’s Genes X by Jocelyn E. Krebs, Elliott S. Goldstein & Stephen T. Kilpatrick. In paperback, 956pages, ISBN: 9780763779924, at a special price Rs. 2395 within India. Write to us.