Calliope's cousins

Muse India, the literary ejournal based in Hyderabad. Supported by the CIIL, it has appeared bimonthly in a web-only edition since 2005.

Started and run by a group of writers, Muse India's primary objective is of showcasing Indian writings in English and in English translation to a broad-based global readership. The journal publishes both creative and critical writing and offers a wide range of literary forms - poetry, short fiction, essays, conversations with writers, book reviews and the like. Bearing in mind the general readership on the internet, it will, however, avoid highly academic articles. Besides presenting the work of more established authors, Muse India will also promote talented new and young writers.

Which is how we came on to their site- a Scholars friend asked about Sridala Swamy and her collection of poetry A Reluctant Survivor. Sridala has published some of her work in Muse: one of her poems that one can see online is Pact that starts

I’m wary of people

who say too little

about themselves.

Finding archived material on Muse is a tad difficult- one does wish their site were searchable- but still. They do a great job, do it with enthusiasm, and with a certain style. A great place to discover new Indian writing, and for rediscoveries as well... Enjoy!