And yet...

Jolly Mohan Kaul's memoirs, In Search of a Better World, is published this month by Samya, Kolkata.

"In his lifelong mission to make the world a better place, Jolly Kaul takes us to the heart of what concerns India and, indeed, any nation: its values, politics and governance. At the age of nineteen in 1941, convinced that only the Communist Party could fight effectively the fascist and imperialist forces and bring about a more just society, Kaul abandoned his family, any possible career, and went underground. He did not know what he was going in for, he admits, but knew that he must give ‘his all’. He was to remain a dedicated and disciplined member till January 1963 when he left the Party, shocked by the China-India war and by the forthcoming split within the Party. The points he raised in his resignation letter resonates today.

An unusual contribution is Kaul’s incisive critique of the developments within the Party based on the twenty-two years he spent in it, first as a trade union organizer and later as Secretary of the Calcutta District Committee. Jolly Kaul built three additional careers: in the corporate world as the head of public relations for Indian Oxygen Ltd, as a journalist with a news agency, editing the economic journal, Capital, and, finally, as a social activist in the Gandhi Labour Foundation at Puri."

Jolly Kaul is an inspiration! Active at 89, he still treks in the Himalayas, and is constant in his endeavour to improve society ... The book has a foreword by Dr. Amlan Datta, and an afterword by Aditi Roy Ghatak, a well-known journalist.

In our Biography section, in hardcover, 400 pages, Rs 550. ISBN 9788185604992