A little bird

SPARROW, the trust set up to build a national archives for women with print, oral history and pictorial material, comes up with unusual books- many of them in translation. Which, in of itself, is not surprising, given that C S Lakshmi is one of the founders of the organization. The name is clumsy- Sound and Picture Archives for Research on Women- but the aim is admirable. These are histories that are difficult to record, and SPARROW does a great job of it. Some years ago, SwB was looking for Jameela Nishat's A Poem Slumbers In My Heart and Amhihi Itihas Ghadawala by Urmila Pawar, and we found them here.

But they have been unnecessarily bashful about letting others know about the great books they publish. Until now, that is. Come Friday, SPARROW will launch the second of their volumes in their ambitious project to bring
the writings of 87 writers from 23 languages and excerpts from interviews with them to the reading public in India.

The first book, HOT IS THE MOON brought us the translated works from four Dravidian languages, Kannada, Tamil, Konkani and Tulu. The Kannda writers included Banu Mustaq, Kanaka Ha Ma, Mithra Venkatraj Tulasi Venugopal, Vaidehi, and the Tamil writers were Bama, Kutti Revathi, Salma, Malathy Maitri, and Vaasanthi. Hema and Jayanti Naik represented Konkani, and Janaki Brahmavara and Suneetha Shetty, Tulu (Tulu?).

And now, the second volume is here. Being Carried Far Away: Poems and Stories of Women in Assamese, Bengali, Garo, Manipuri and Mizo has illustrations by Bharati Kapadia, the well known painter and friend of SPARROW, and by Vishnu Mathur.

BEING CARRIED FAR AWAY is a literary journey into Assam, Bengal, Manipur, Meghalaya and Mizoram. Assamese writers in the volume: Nirupama Borgohain, Phul Goswami, Purabi Bormudoi. Bengali writers: Bani Basu, Krishna Basu, Mallika Sengupta, Nabaneeta Dev Sen, Suchitra Bhattacharya. Garo writers: Fridina K Marak, Twinkle Marak, Brucellish K Sangma. Manipuri writers: Arambam Ongbi Memchoubi, Bimbati Thiyam Ongbi, Moirangthem Borkanya, Nee Devi, Bhanumati Devi. Mizo writers: Malsawmi Jacob, Mona Zote, Zaithangpuii Vuangtu, Buangi Sailo.

Look for both the titles on our special page for Sparrow. Rs 350 within India, and $30 outside, given the world that is here to discover...