A store we could grow to love...

Yoda Press' Arpita Das has opened YODAKIN, the alternative bookstore for independent publishers at 2 Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi.

Apart from books by the independents, you can also get independent cinema, world cinema, documentary films and music by independent record labels and musicians.

Yodakin is one more in a list of stores we like... many of them sell books, and some of them do not. However, they all share a streak of what Yodakin has in plenty, INDEPENDENCE!

To mention just three, there is Pune's Either Or, which does carry some books, some great design and some good clothes, patterned much like the original alternative store, New Delhi's People Tree. Not far from Yodakin is Tatsat, in the other Hauz Khas market, with a commitment to natural and handmade things... So far the only books they carry are notebooks made of elephant dung, but what the heck, its a beginning...

Great to have Yodakin finally here. Cheers!