Tribal Fantasy

Tara Books, Chennai have for some time now been at the forefront of an experiment, hand producing books of superb quality with slender stories illustrated by rich graphics, in a tribal motif. The Night Life of Trees, The London Jungle Book, Beasts of India... and now, the latest book by the acclaimed Gond tribal artist, Bhajju Shyam, The Flight of the Mermaid.

This 32 page treat has a story by Gita Wolf and Sirish Rao who have adapted the Hans Cristian Andersen story of the mermaid to a tribal world, where "the human is never isolated from the rest of nature. The worlds of water, land and air are intertwined, as the mermaid struggles to find a place for herself as a human being.

The Flight of the Mermaid is a feminist parable on the warring claims of love and choice.

Unclassifiable, it is in our General Books section. Rs 560, hardcover, 32 pages. ISBN: 9788190675604