A river flows...

Just as I finished writing the previous post (see below), drawing attention to Clare Arni's photo essay on the Kaveri river, I saw this title from Pratham Books...

"Cauvery is a 44-page visual treat. The glory of the river Cauvery is highlighted with stunning photographs by Clare Arni. Oriole Henry’s text captures all the myths and stories of a river that feeds thousands of fields in southern India. Interspersed with little nuggets of information, activity ideas, and delightful illustrations by Trapeze Design Studio the book will be loved by children of all ages."

Oriole Henry, an MA in travel writing is currently exploring India, the country where she was born; Clare Arni is a travel and architectural photographer who has documented AIDS in south India for an exhibition, and has several photography shows to her credit.

Arni and Henry followed the Cauvery for four months from its source in the mountains of Coorg down to where it meets the sea at Poompuhar. “In an old Maruti car we explored every road and path we found, no matter how seemingly impassable. We flew over the Cauvery, took boats down it and waded across its rushing waters to try and capture the history and mythology along its banks, the changing landscape across two states and the life this magnificent river sustains.”

Cauvery is available in English, Hindi, Kannada and Marathi, in our For Children Section. Rs 60 plus postage.