Educational Activists

The best kind of activism gives tangibles- and Jodo Gyan is a great example. Their work is quiet, efficient, and very imaginative.

To quote from their own description of themselves, they are an organization of professionals and social activists who have come together to find workable solutions to the problems in classroom practices. They try to take a fresh look at the problems and draw upon cutting edge research to solve them. They are a not for profit social enterprise motivated by the need to find sustainable and broadly applicable solutions to make education meaningful for every child in our country.

One of their beliefs is that concrete materials are a cornerstone of primary mathematics teaching. Indeed, all primary teaching, and to that end, Jodo Gyan has been involved with developing activities and curriculum to make mathematics (and science) understandable. This is their MATHLAB, and come 8 December, they will conduct a detailed exhibition of these and other mathlab material in December. This would be accompanied by workshops on the activities to be done in the classroom.

The location is the Jodo Gyan Resource Centre in Jia Sarai. Somewhat ironic, since Jia Sarai, the village that is surrounded by the IIT Delhi, is home to any number of the coaching centres that aspirants to the IITs throng to. Gyan of any kind, except what is needed to pass the JEE, is furthest from most of their minds....

More details about Jodo Gyan can be found on their website: BEYOND MATHLAB runs from 8 to 18 December, from 9 AM to 7 PM. All days.

Now that's what serious activism is all about.