The D Company

This D Company is the Dowry Project, an international network of scholars in India, America and Europe which aims to bridge the gap between research and practice as regards the phenomenon of dowry. The dowry menace may be less in the public news these days than it used to be, but that may just be owing to the fact that there are many other menaces that occupy the public space.

The Dowry Project has resulted in a book edited by Tamsin Bradley, Emma Tomlin & Mangala Subramaniam, Dowry: Bridging the gap between theory and practice from Women Unlimited, Delhi, an associate of Kali for Women.

Writing about the book in todays's The Hindu, Padmini Swaminathan says "this thought-provoking and engaging volume revisits several contentious themes related to dowry. Noting that much of the material is familiar stuff, the editors, nevertheless contend that “this more familiar material is located within the context of new research that asks important questions which aim to contribute towar ds a greater understanding of the shifting dynamics of the dowry terrain...

"Dowry is not confined to upper-caste Hindus of South Asia but has spread across castes and religions, and transnationally. This book explores dowry practices in South Asia from a number of theoretical pesrpectives and through a multidisciplinary lens. It analyses the intersection between gender seen in terms of power relatins and systems of exchange, and violence against women as a result of their marital status. It examines the dynamics and complexities of these changes and analyses why so many current initiatives against it fail to have significant impact.

Its three sections — Conceptualising Dowry, The Changing Patterns of Dowry, and Activism: Challenges to Dowry - looks at dowry through the themes of marriage;property and inheritance rights; collective action against it; legal changes and domestic violence; the womens’ movement; caste; Indian literature; Hindu scriptures; son-preference; and reproductive health."

Soon in our Gender Studies section, Rs 350. ISBN: 9788188965472