The Scholars Cull Fest, 2009

Today, 9th of October, 2009, Scholars without Borders had the second of our Annual Cull Fests where we were giving away a few hundred books to anyone who wants them, and who can come and pick them up from JNU is just over. The books were all pre-owned and on diverse topics, ranging from detective fiction, to philosophy.

The books were donated by academics, some of whom teach or taught at the JNU.

The venue of the cull fest was the foyer of the School of Physical Sciences building on the JNU campus, and the giveaway started at 10:00 am, and lasted till 11:30. While the books were free of cost*, there was a limit of 5 books per person (to see that the books go around more...).

Now that is is over, here are some pictures. It took less than an hour and a half before all the books were gone!

*As there is some physical effort and expense involved in putting this together, a contribution per book was suggested. Robin (of SwB) is one of the people who put in the physical effort- his picture is to the right...

A new suggestion that has been made to us is that such events are needed more often. We think thats a great idea... But it needs your help! Do get rid of books from your shelves if you are not going to read them again, ever. Whatever the type of book, there is always someone else who might be grateful for it...

Next year's Cull Fest will have a small addition- A Cull Exchange. Bring N books, take N books. Look for it on these pages!