From the people to the people

Daanish Books, based in New Delhi, focus on publishing and distributing books that can be vehicle of social transformation, and intend to take forward this initiative of a group of activists in independent and alternative publishing to represent the most incisive writing on the increasingly complex and challenging contemporary situations. They also hope to act as a bridge between the worlds of theory and practice and between academics and activism and to initiate and strengthen the process of dialogue both across cultural and social divides and between diverse political/ideological streams—socialist, liberal, Gandhian, nationalist, and the radical Left.

A recent title is The Gobal Economic Crisis: A People’s Perspective — Fiasco of Neo-liberalism that was reviewed by S L Rao in this week's The Hindu Book Review ("this is a book for the ideologically committed").

"The current great global economic crisis, undoubtedly a phenomenon of historic salience, has a special relevance for the marginalized people all over the world. The various exercises to understand its proximate causes tend to go all out to blame the deregulation of the market economy, especially of its overblown financial sector, at the expense of the deep-seated structural and institutional changes experienced by the globalized world economy. Today, the discomfiture of the agencies that are at the root of such drastic failures monopolizes attention but the lasting disastrous effects on vast sections of the global economy, particularly in the third world, are mentioned only in passing. The policy responses too, while making some rhetoric concessions to hard reality, seem to bend over backwards to rescue, at the cost of the general public, the failed mega businesses based on the specious plea that these are too big to be allowed to fail. How ironic, that so many times, such vast numbers are allowed to suffer long-lasting losses caused by the agencies bailed out at enormous public expense.

These and other related issues are presented and analyzed in this volume. What is of special concern in India is that while the fiasco of neo-liberalism is universally recognized, the Indian policy establishment has been in a denial mode. Further, it is unable to muster enough intellectual, moral and political courage to accept the reality and set the agenda to deal with the crisis, at least to minimize the suffering of the people."

Its another point of view. In our Politics and Economics sections, in hardcover, 268 pages. Rs 450, ISBN: 9788189654696