Criss crossings

There is a woman on market street who
is not there. She is waiting without waiting,
counting out time, three, two, three.

This fragment of a poem by John Siddique appears in the latest issue of Moving Worlds, Region/Writing/Home: Relocating Diasporic Writing in Britain.

Now in its ninth volume, MovingWorlds "is a forum for creative work as well as criticism, literary as well as visual texts, writing in scholarly as well as more personal modes, in English and translations into English. It is open to experimentation, and represents work of different kinds and from different cultural traditions. It reappraises acknowledged achievements and promotes fresh talent. Its central concern–the transcultural–is the movement of cultures across national boundaries, and the productive transformations resulting from these criss crossings."

R/W/H contains creative writing by a number of diasporic subcontinentals. In addition to John Siddique, Basir Sultan Kazmi, Shamshad Khan and Fadia Faqir, there is also an uncommon autobiographical piece, Across the Indian Ocean: Chinese Hybridity in South Africa by Tanya Chan-Sam.

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