The Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies (IIRNS) is located near Anjaneri village on the Nashik-Tryambakeshwar road in the Nashik district of Maharashtra. Off the beaten track in more ways than one, this is the only institution in India devoted exclusively to numismatics, and was established with the prime objective of facilitating and promoting research in Indian Numismatics.

Among their various activities - training and research being prime- is a exclusive and valuable publication programme. Scholars has carried their titles for several years now...

Their latest title is not quite in the area of numismatics, being on Hariti, the cannibalistic child-eating ogress who was transformed by Sakyamuni Buddha into a goddess of fertility and family welfare, so to speak...

From Ogress to Goddess: Hariti, a Buddhist deity by Madhurika Maheshwari has been extensively researched and has a large number of photographs and drawings of the "goddess Hariti [who is] comparable to the brahmanical Sitala [and who] has a dramatic life story with many ups and downs. Born to a Yakhsa king, married into another important yaksha family, she turns into a child-eating ogress. Ultimately she is converted by Sakyamuni Buddha himself and attains arhatship. Riding on the Buddhist wave, she becomes a cult figure and travels to Central Asia, Nepal, Tibet, China, Java, and Japan."

In our Art section, and also in the IIRNS publication list, Rs 3000. Hardcover, 244 pages, ISBN: 9788186786277