Remembering Babasaheb

Bhagwan Das, now in his eighties, was a research associate with Ambedkar in the years 1955- 56 and between 1963 and 1980 he edited, compiled and produced Thus Spoke Ambedkar a four volume series on Ambedkar and his work.

Now Navayana have produced a documentary, Bhagwan Das: In Pursuit of Ambedkar, scripted and directed by S. Anand, photographed by Anshul Uniyal and edited by Shikha Sen. This hour-long film tells the life of Bhagwan Das who joined Ambedkar's Scheduled Caste Federation at the age of 16 and who spent a lifetime in pursuit of the ideals of Ambedkar who he met first in 1943 (in Shimla, when the latter was Labour Member of the Viceroy’s Executive Council).

The life has been rich and varied- and the documentary covers it all. From Bhagwan Das' testimony on untouchability, in August 1983 to the UN Subcommission on Human Rights in Geneva, to his work with Ambedkar in the 1950's, to his "dalit perspectives" on Independence, when untouchables were afraid of the coming Hindu Raj, and his critique of Valmikisation of the sweeper community following large-scale conversions to Christianity in the 1870s and 1880s.

The photo above shows Das in discussion with Anand, the director of the film which is listed in our Navayana list, only for Institutional orders within India (Rs 1000), as well as overseas orders ($50). Here.

Individual purchase of the DVD should be made directly from Navayana. Here.