The Joy of Giving

The Scholars Cull Fest will happen next week, Friday 9 October.

At our Cull Fest, we give away books, free of charge*.

This year we have about 400 books to give, and it will be on offer at a location in the JNU, New Delhi. We'll keep you posted.

This does not occur in the Joy of Giving week being held in India from September 27 to October 3 for logistic reasons- the main one being that should you wish to contribute books to the Cull Fest, please let us know this week, and we will add your books to the books we intend to give away. Just give us a call at 99717 63322 or mail us at, and we will come pick up the books...

* Although we do expect a contribution for the effort in bringing them to the giveaway site, something like Rs 10 per book.