American Mathematical Society titles

Universities Press, Hyderabad is a major publisher of science titles in the country. Their books are, for the most part, well produced, and given their long associations with many of the important educational establishments in the country, they are a fine substitute for the university press that most Indian universities lack.

They have recently tied up with the American Mathematical Society to reprint a number of titles that would be of interest to the mathematics community in the country. This is particularly important in the face of the forthcoming ICM, the International Congress of Mathematicians that will be held in Hyderabad next August.

  • A Course in Algebra
  • Cryptography: An Introduction
  • Geometry of Differential Forms
  • Global Calculus
  • Number Theory
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Principles of Functional Analysis
  • Problems in Mathematical Analysis I: Real Numbers, Sequences and Series
  • Problems in Mathematical Analysis II: Continuity and Differentiation
  • Problems in Mathematical Analysis III: Integration
  • Representations of Finite and Compact Groups by Barry Simon
These books are exceptional value, both in terms of content as well as of price, and Universities Press should be commended for bringing them to a wider audience.

Take the last title, for instance. Barry Simon is the IBM Professor of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the California Institute of Technology and has written several other books, including such classics as Methods of Mathematical Physics (with M. Reed) and Functional Integration and Quantum Physics. This new book, based on courses given at Princeton, Caltech, ETH-Zurich, and other universities, is an introductory textbook on representation theory. According to the author, "Two facets distinguish my approach. First, this book is relatively elementary, and second, while the bulk of the books on the subject is written from the point of view of an algebraist or a geometer, this book is written with an analytical flavor".

The exposition in the book centers around the study of representation of certain concrete classes of groups, including permutation groups and compact semisimple Lie groups. It culminates in the complete proof of the Weyl character formula for representations of compact Lie groups and the Frobenius formula for characters of permutation groups. Extremely well tailored both for a one-year course in representation theory and for independent study, this book is an excellent introduction to the subject which, according to the author, is unique in having "so much innate beauty so close to the surface".

The books can only be sold in India; each of the titles is differently priced, but all are under Rs 999.